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Romantic wedding favors and themes

The best place to begin with while planning a wedding is to choose a perfect theme. If you wish to add some flair, then choosing a beautiful theme for your wedding is really important. Wedding themes have many creative possibilities. You can go for anything from Cinderella theme to a beautiful beach wedding theme. A little ingenuity and imagination on your part will make your special day the most memorable one for your guests. Having a perfect theme will help in the planning process as it gives you a direction to design a beautiful cohesive wedding which flows all together. If you are planning to have a romantic theme for your wedding then yours is the theme which has great flexibility, as romance is something which means different things for everybody. For few, the concept of romance conjures wonderful images of candlelight and wine, while some think of diamonds, red roses and walking barefoot, hand in hand on a stunning beach. For the more fanciful ones, it can be probably using castles, carriages, fairytale princesses, cherubs, glass slippers and a lot more. Whatever the romantic theme for your wedding is, this will surely add wedding favors which will wonderfully set the entire tone.


For many couples, candlelight is a fabulous element when it comes to a perfect romantic setting, making these a must have for the wedding. They also match so beautifully with this superb idea of perfect romantic wedding theme. Candles make fabulous wedding favors and add to the romance and joy which you and your spouse will celebrate. Candle holders and candles beautifully compliment the wedding atmosphere which you have in the mind. These dazzling favors can be superbly decked up with silver or gold cherubs, butterflies, orchids, lilies or roses. Also, there are beautiful candle holders which are made of sparkling crystals, adorned with stunning candles or golden filigree, with a beach or fairytale theme.


Besides, flowers are must have in a wedding and these are all the more important when your wedding theme is all about romance. Wedding favors which are flower themed help to create a perfect floral setting, whether it is about extravagant blooms or bright and fresh spring blossoms. For spring flower themes, floral spring candles and favors wonderfully embossed with stunning cherry blossoms make an apt choice. Besides, crystal stem roses are both romantic and elegant and you can also add different interesting wedding favors, like champagne flutes, candles, picture frames, placecard holders and much more.


If you are planning a perfect beach wedding, then you can incorporate elements like bon fires, strolls along beach, cakes, which are perfectly designed matching a beautiful island theme with beach chairs, sand castles, seashells, umbrellas, sailboats, beach pails. A crystal clear sandy beach with sun shining and waves crashing, providing wonderful background music will be just perfect for your beach wedding theme. Also, provide a magnificent backdrop for the wedding with beautiful trees dazzling with red and orange hues from a beautiful sunset will look simply awesome. Incorporate all these elements with wonderful wedding flavors to create a perfect setting which will dazzle the eyes and leave your guests awe struck. Use your creativity and go for something that your guests will talk about and remember for years to come.  

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