Every couple wishes to have a memorable and beautiful wedding. As it is the most special day of their lives, they want everything to be just perfect. To make this happen, every little detail needs to be carefully planned. Choosing the right wedding dress, theme, venue and food is really important and so is the selection of décor style. The kind of colors and items you choose to decorate the venue can have a lot of impact on the overall look and feel of your wedding. Also the tables are a crucial part of the whole set up where the guests spend most of their time and these should be very well decorated and adorned with interesting items.

You can choose from a lot of options to decorate the tables and make them a highlight of your wedding, some of which are mentioned here:

With the above mentioned table décor ideas you can certainly add a distinctive and appealing touch to your wedding. Make sure that the center piece that you choose is of right size and height, otherwise it can become a distraction for the guests. So, keep in mind the theme of your wedding and play with different items to come up with your own ideas for table décor.